Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are curated based on what people ask us often. We will update them as much as we can to make sure we capture all pain points that are of concern to our customers.

How does it work?

20Kobo Sells Naija Number and Top-Up minutes cheaper than any other call application to Nigeria.

The Naija number lets you call Nigeria and makes it possible for people to call you back at the local rate.

Can they call me back?

Yes, with your Naija number,  you will be able to receive calls. 
The caller will be charged at their local Nigerian rates


I have downloaded the APP, What should I do next ?

First you need to get a starter kit from After you receive your number and activation code you will be able login on the app and make unlimited calls.
Get Starter Kit here.

How Do I Get One

  1. Order your starter kit
  2. We send you Number and activation code and you can call unlimited

I read plenty reviews on the app on playstore & Appstore.

The app is going through continuous improvement and for every feedback given directly to us, we take to Smile and they fix it.

We also have been able to help 20kobo customers find ways around the app and more than 90% of those that bought their lines are happy and over 70% calls families and friends in Nigeria weekly without wahala on the same app.

Will I get physical Sim?

No. We will send you your activation code and Number via email including instructions that you need to follow to use the app.

How do I check my balance ?

On the App, Sms “Y” to 343 and you will start receiving the balance updates

Do I need the Internet to make the calls?

Yes, the calling interface is an app, so you will need the internet to make phone calls. But they don’t need internet to receive your call.

What is the difference between this and Boss Revolution/ Whitecall/Rynga/Telbo and other VOIP services ?

  1. Rates: Using smile voice is cheaper than calling with any of those apps.
  2. Call Back : People can easily call you back at local rate
  3. Its a local business and its growing fast
  4. Improved call quality 
  5. Free Smile to Smile Calls
  6. Friendly Customer Service from 20Kobo

When I have a problem, who do I talk to ?

We at 20Kobo are happy to listen and help you carry the WAHALA on our shoulders and fix it as soon as we can. If the problem is beyond us, we will take them to smile for you.

How do I top up?

Just click here and select the number of minutes you want and we will handle it in Minutes

I don't want people in Nigeria to call me back.

 There is a “DO NOT DISTURB” feature you can turn on for the app and no one will be able to reach you.

Can I retain the same Number when I am in Nigeria ?

Yes you can actually get the physical sim of your number when you goto Nigeria.
Only that you will be able to use the sim where there is Smile Network.
Please notify us via the chat or email when you need to do this so that we can help you accelerate the process.

Does the person in Nigeria need the internet to call or receive my call?

NO, they will receive your call on their number like a local call and they will be able to call you like they are calling other MTN, GLO or SMILE lines.

I live in Florida, Can I use it to call people in Nigeria?

Yes, you can use the number to call Nigeria from anywhere in the world as long as your phone is connected to the internet.

Call Anywhere in Nigeria for 10 Kobo per Seconds